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CIMO awards and administers scholarships for international students, postgraduate students (after Master-level), researchers (postgraduates after Master-level degree or postdoctorates), teachers and administrational staff of universities. An average of 700 persons come to Finland under the various scholarship programmes every year.

By offering scholarships, CIMO supports the internationalisation of teaching and research by forging links and encouraging academic mobility between institutions of higher education in Finland and abroad.

Scholarships are offered to applicants from all countries. There are several scholarship programmes, each of which has its own eligibility criteria, application procedures, application deadline and application form.

A scholarship normally consists of a monthly allowance. The amount of a scholarship varies according to the scholarship programme and the academic qualifications of the applicant. No additional expenses, such as travel, housing or insurance, are covered by a scholarship. For further information on practical issues and how to arrive in Finland, please see the section Practicalities on this web service.

Scholarships for the whole degree programme are also available through the European Commission for studying at Erasmus Mundus Master courses in Finland (please see Postgraduate Studies and Research).


A részletes pályázati felhívás megtalálható a http://www.scholarship.hu/ oldalán.

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