Kezdőlap  Introduction

The Institute of Geography and Geology organizes successful researches in a wide range of scientific disciplines, this diversity is one of our  greatest strengths.


Department of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology is well-known for its workgroups on environmental and organic geochemistry, fractured fluid reservoires, hidrology and geothermia, volcanos and the one on strategic funds.


Main research topics of the Department of Geology and Paleontology are the following: quaternary period geologic events of Hungary, and the sedimental, geochemical and paleontological analysis of the relating samples and fossils.


Department of Climatology and Landscape Ecology has two research groups: Urban climatology and one for air pollution. This department is also responsible for several subjects of the Earth Science Bachelor course.


Department of Physical Geography and Geoinformatics is home for the groups: environmental and landscape monitoring, applied geomorphology and geoinformatics. Soil and satellite analyses are also among the popular research topics.


Main research fields of the Department of Economical and Social Geography are the following: settlement studies, population and ethnic geography, agriculture and transportation.


These scientific workgroups are founder members of the Institute of Environmental Science at the University of Szeged. Research projects aim to discover the soil-sediment-litosphere-fluid system and to analyse the important patterns of water quality. All research groups are in touch with notable institutes and universities in Hungary and abroad. Successful tenders and projects as well as recognised publications show the effiency of the mentioned teams.

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